Applications and Industries

Intoollect’s clients are public and private utilities, and any organizations using the Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, Public Sector Revenue Management (PSRM, formerly ETPM) and Revenue Management and Billing (RMB) applications. We specialize in practical operational intelligence approaches to maximizing “Return on Technology” (ROT) and optimizing customer service and revenue management business processes. Through the Perfacto software and our honed methodologies, Intoollect delivers solutions for:

  • Business Process Discovery, Measurement, Assessment, and Monitoring
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Automated Performance Testing
  • Revenue, Rates, and Usage Management
  • Big Data Appliances

Perfacto Information Server

The Perfacto Information Server is an innovative open architecture for business process analytics, operational intelligence and performance management of Oracle-based applications. This server is the backbone of Perfacto and provides a framework for continually evolving content and customer self-self service, from Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to business process scoring rules, to red/yellow/green performance threshold targets and individualized dashboards. Perfacto integrates with our own console, or with popular third party BI and data warehouse applications using our Application Programming Interfaces (API’s).


Business Process Management and Application Performance Monitoring

Which users are performing the best? How are the new trainees doing? And who is complying with internal or regulatory procedures? Is the application performance consistent day to day and screen to screen? Perfacto allows you to measure, analyze, improve and forecast performance for your web-based applications. Our software provides application-specific insight to optimal user transaction behavior from design, system performance and user navigation viewpoints. The product can be tailored to most web-based applications. Out-of-box packages are available for Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, PeopleSoft Enterprise Revenue Manager, Oracle Revenue Management and Billing, and Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management.

Operational Intelligence

Self Service reporting and Operational Intelligence don’t require millions of dollars in BI/Data Warehouse investments. Intoollect offers Perfacto Meter to Cash (MTC) and other “practical BI” solutions for Web Browser or Excel access. Actionable reporting is the theme, including summary to drill down details, with up to the minute or historical context, meaningful visualizations, and flexible publishing. Our library includes hundreds of out of box dashboards. Works with our Perfacto standalone server or other popular reporting servers.

Automated Performance Testing

How does your application work under load, or in failure scenarios? Moving to a new datacenter, operating system, or infrastructure? Perfacto includes online performance and load testing, with a best practices methodology and a base library of user scenarios adapted to your environment. Our software examines the “real life” user navigation, business process steps, and system performance at all layers of the stack (database, web server, application server, network, load balancing) to determine best possible performance and identify bottlenecks and outliers. Soak testing is done to shake out infrastructure or application issues and determine best maintenance practices for post implementation support. The software works with both open source and leading test harness platforms. With Perfacto you can isolate, measure, and tune every element of your system that impacts online response time, from the database to the network to the user’s mouse-clicks.

Revenue, Rates, and Usage Analytics

Wish you could keep every financial transaction and/or meter read for “slice and dice” long term trending, deep analysis, or planning? Intoollect offers a platform for detail-level revenue analytics, accrual and unbilled revenue forecasting, rate case “what if” scenario simulations and consumption/usage behavior measurement. We have a unique approach that provides 100% data set vs. sample set analysis, AND uses the exact billing rate configurations vs. often oversimplified spreadsheet models.

Big Data Appliance

We can offer “Big Data” for revenue, usage, and metering analytics in an “all-in-one” appliance that can reside in your data center or ours. Store decades of data for customer and company trending, “what if” planning, rate case support, and consumer behavior analysis. Offer the data to customers or for internal use.