“Intoollect’s Parallel Billing solution and consulting were invaluable to meeting our transition from premise 2.4 CC&B to cloud CCS/MDMS GO-LIVE date with confidence. Grant County PUD utilized Intoollect’s expertise and parallel billing software to measure the billing and usage (bill determinants) accuracy of over 90 percent of our accounts, in every bill cycle, every calculation line and across all customer types, as compared to our CC&B 2.4 production system. We quickly identified data conversion, VEE, rate, and configuration issues that could not be picked up with traditional rate unit testing and that could have resulted in billing errors and customer confusion. The diagnostics and analytics also made our bill print testing much more effective. We cannot imagine launching a new CIS and/or MDMS system without this broad-based line-by-line bill comparison. Without the expertise, analytics and automation, this level of testing would have been unachievable for Grant.”

Cary West, Quality Assurance Manager, Grant County Public Utilities District

“Our call center data was siloed from important customer contact data in CCB. Intoollect helped us merge the two to build more powerful and actionable reporting. And this is just the beginning of what we have planned for CX at LWC.”

Megan Hancock, Director of Customer Care and Business Operations, Louisville Water Company

“The ability to do

A) Cross application analytics (CC&B, EBS, Kloudgin, IVR/Call Center, Asset Management, GIS),
B) Empower our analysts to quickly develop reports,
C) Build dashboards that are actionable by managers

…all in an affordable platform to license and maintain
… has been a great investment by Louisville Water. “

Obe Everett, Director Program Management and Business Systems Support, Louisville Water Company

“Intoollect has provided actionable insights in virtually all areas of meter to cash. Their work has been instrumental in many initiatives to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively.”

Karen Sasic, Director of Billing & Regulatory Relations, Utilities, Inc.

“Intoollect provided analytics for bill accuracy that were invaluable during our Oracle Customer Care and Billing implementation. With their software, we were able to pinpoint issues allowing our project team to isolate issues in configuration during each of our dress rehearsals. We were able to increase our total confidence level because we were able to run broad-based reviews of 100% of the bills generated in our legacy vs the new CC&B system. Our analysts were then able to review almost all bills that were out of compliance. This was a large part of the reason why we were virtually error free during our conversion.”

Pete Westlake, Capital Projects Program Manager, Orlando Utilities Commission

“Intoollect partnered with the City of West Palm Beach to implement a highly complex Oracle CC&B Utility Billing and Customer Service System. Intoollect has excellent knowledge of the software product and very good experience integrating the system with other third party products such as Oracle eBusiness Suite and EAM products. The project was very successful.”

Usha Vargas, Interim Director of Information Technology, City of West Palm Beach

“Intoollect provided QC guidance, analysis and recommendations during the City of Phoenix project to implement a new version of their customer billing system. The experience and insight brought to the project was very beneficial in identifying and tracking areas of risk and ensuring data integrity.”

Sandra Schilling, CPA, CGFM, PMP, Assistant Finance Director, Finance Department, City of Phoenix